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Honeywell Foundation programs offer a variety of arts experiences for everyone.

Concerts & Shows


Live music and theatrical productions provide an immersive art experience like no other! Live entertainment offers our guests the opportunity to become fully engaged in the sight, sound, and emotion of quality music and acting on the Ford Theater stage, Eagles Theatre stage, and even outdoors.

Festivals & Events


The arts become truly interactive when our guests partake in special events and festivals. Active participation gives guests an outlet for creative expression and enjoyment.  


Events range from family festivals with crafts, rides, and vendors to an entire weekend of upscale performing arts activities.

Visual Arts


The world has become an increasingly visual place. At no time in history has there been more visual variety in day-to-day living, from architecture to cars to even the clothing you wear.


As we become accustomed to such visual variety in everyday life, we sometimes forget to stop and focus on the beauty and detail of what we see.

Honeywell Foundation visual arts opportunities encourage our guests to stop, take a breath, and appreciate the beauty in visual art.


The arts have a proven impact during formative years, including improved academic performance, motor skills, confidence, creativity, focus, and collaboration. 

As music, art, and theater education are increasingly thought of as extracurricular or "optional", our Arts-In-Education Programs allow educators to provide artistic opportunities at little or no cost to the schools.

These programs allow all youth to participate and reap the numerous benefits.

Social & Recreational


In addition to traditional arts offerings, The Honeywell Foundation is also home to many activities that promote valuable social engagement.

Recreational activities encourage a sense of community, belonging, and companionship. 

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