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A cultural house museum and former home of Mrs. Honeywell.



Tucked away on four secluded acres, the Honeywell House exudes refinement in every way. Historical interiors, fine art, heirloom antiques, and luxurious tableware all make the Honeywell House the epitome of sophistication in small town Indiana.

Intimate musical performances, educational lectures, children’s tea parties, and fine dining experiences are all a regular part of the Honeywell House’s yearly public offerings. For a complete list of upcoming events, please visit the Honeywell House website.



Originally built in 1880 and redesigned by Mrs. Mark C. (Eugenia) Honeywell in the late 1950s, this now cultural house museum allows guests to experience the exquisite elegance of the Honeywells’ lifestyle.


Acquired by The Honeywell Foundation from the Indiana University Foundation in 2011, the Honeywell House has a long history only refined by continued cultural programming.

For more information about the history of the Honeywell House, click here.

Rentals & Catering


Lush green space and upscale amenities make the Honeywell House the perfect setting for weddings, private parties, and more.

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