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The Honeywell Singers is a performance group for musicians in grades Kindergarten through 12th who want to have fun learning musical performance and choreography. The choir will have the opportunity to perform at Honeywell Foundation properties including their own performances as well as chances to perform on stage with nationally known musical acts. The program is made up of three individual performance groups:

Honeywell Singers' Overtures

The Honeywell Overtures is a choir made up of students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade who may be joining a musical group for the first time. They will meet weekly from 3 – 3:45 pm.


Students will master basic choreography skills and learn choir etiquette. This season, they will perform songs from Disney shows they know including The Lion King’s “Hakuna Matata” and a percussion piece from Tarzan called “Trashing the Camp.” The Overtures will perform the pieces they learned at the FAME Festival and also in the Honeywell Singers final performance.

Fee: $25

Honeywell Singers' Voices

The Honeywell Voices is a choir made up of students in 3rd through 6th grades. They will meet weekly from 4 - 5:30 pm.  During this time, they will master a repertoire that includes both Disney favorites and Broadway show tunes.


The 3rd - 6th grade singers will learn choir etiquette, techniques, choreography, and performance. The Voices will rehearse music to perform at the FAME Festival as well as in their own performances on a Honeywell stage. 


Fee: $40

Honeywell Singers' Virtuosos

The Honeywell Virtuosos is a choir made up of students in 7th through 12th grades. They will meet weekly from 5:45 - 7:45 pm. During this time, they will master a repertoire that includes Broadway favorites like “Waving Through a Window” and “When I Grow Up,” a song that will be part of the 2020 Summer Theatre Program musical, “Matilda the Musical.”


The 7th – 12th grade choir will expand their knowledge of choral music performance and leadership, performing both at the Honeywell Center and in other venues. Members will have the chance to audition for solo opportunities in performance pieces. Members of this choir will perform for Honeywell Foundation leaders and/or donors at least once per semester. Spring concert holds special recognition for seniors in our final performance of the school year.

Fee: $50

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