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Out with Old, In with the New: The Honeywell Foundation Gets a Facelift

The Honeywell Foundation is turning 75 this year, and we’re feeling more inspired than ever!

We view this milestone anniversary as a time to recommit and reinvest in the future of our community, and the role the Foundation will play in the years to come. This year will bring exciting changes and new opportunities for the Foundation’s revitalized presence.

We’re excited to share these updates with you and look forward to the milestone year ahead. Continue reading to learn more about our three newest announcements so far this year.

1. A new look for 2016

Earlier this year, we created a fresh new logo for the Foundation (pictured above). The color scheme, shape and overall concept truly embody the story of The Honeywell Foundation.

Our logo features a six-sided hexagon that represents unity, harmony, balance, sincerity, love and truth—all of which symbolize characteristics the Foundation represents and values. Inside of the hexagon you’ll notice the prominent letter “H.” While the “H” corresponds to The Honeywell Foundation, it is also representative of the sturdy pillars that connect and uphold the organization—similar to how the Foundation supports Mark C Honeywell’s vision [SL1] today.

Finally, the four shaded sections symbolize the four offerings that represent the Foundation’s mission: Providing artistic, social, cultural and recreational opportunities through each of The Honeywell Foundation’s six venues.

2. Launch of the first Honeywell Foundation website

The Foundation has enjoyed a fun, eventful and exciting 75 years, but one thing was missing—a cohesive website to showcase everything!

With tons of activities happening within the Foundation and our six venues, we decided to launch a website that highlights all the Foundation offers,

This website is dedicated to sharing important information, including the Foundation’s:

  • History

  • Venues

  • Programs and events (such as concerts, educational outreach programs and private event options)

  • Opportunities to support us through donations and volunteering

3. New social presence for updates.

Like us on Facebook to see our newest photos, Foundation updates, recently published blog posts and information about volunteering. You’ll also get special access to event information and the chance to RSVP for upcoming events at one of our six venues.

Follow us on Instagram for an insider’s look of the Foundation’s current activities, and fun flashbacks from the past. Here, you’ll find photos from our events and special announcements from each venue, plus some silliness that happens around the Foundation!

Lastly, check out our LinkedIn account for information on job openings, volunteering and donation opportunities.

Another reason to follow us on social media: You’ll receive regular updates and details about our 75 Days of Gratitude throughout the year.

We’ll be sharing additional news and announcements throughout the year, so stay tuned for more details!