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The Honeywell Foundation: Our History, Mission and Ambitions

As 2016 marks The Honeywell Foundation’s 75th year, we have taken some time to reflect on our journey and recent accomplishments. This year we launched this website and social media presence, and created a new logo - yet, nostalgic memories keep fluttering through the office.

Many longtime residents know the history of The Honeywell Foundation, but not everyone understands our mission - the reason why we exist and the importance of our presence in the Wabash community. Continue reading to learn more about our roots and upcoming plans for the future.

Our Roots

The Honeywell Foundation was founded in 1941 - a time when the country was coming out of the Great Depression and World War II was beginning.

In search of an outlet to provide recreational opportunities for residents and visitors of Wabash, Mark C. Honeywell created The Honeywell Foundation to oversee the construction of the Honeywell Center.

To this day, The Honeywell Foundation continues to fulfill Mr. Honeywell’s vision, and has blossomed into a highly respected and connected organization. The Foundation is currently responsible for the management of six venues - the Honeywell Center, Honeywell House, Eagles Theatre, 13-24 Drive In, Charley Creek Gardens, Dr. James Ford Historic Home - and all the specialized programming and events each property offers.

Our Purpose

The Honeywell Foundation is a public charity that provides social, artistic, recreational, and cultural opportunities. This means we’re working behind the scenes to offer events, workshops and programs throughout the year.

According to the systematic book, Experiential Learning, “cultural experience plays a major role in the development and expression of cognitive functioning.” Without exposure to culturally enriching programs, our community would be deprived of accessible, essential opportunities needed to thrive in our rapidly evolving society.

Through the six venues under the Foundation’s operation, we organize a variety of:

  • Concerts

  • Musicals and theatrical performances

  • Comedy shows

  • Art shows

  • Art projects and crafts

  • Youth programs (including choirs)

  • Movies

  • Skating

  • Field trips

  • Interactive events at senior living facilities

  • Plus, so much more.

For more information about the venues operated by The Honeywell Foundation, click here.

Our Goals

The Foundation and its offerings are made possible through the help of individual donors and corporate supporters, and we’re extremely appreciative. To thank our community for their generosity and support, and to celebrate our 75th Anniversary together, we’re hosting 75 Days of Gratitude.

Our goal is to continue providing programs that help enrich the community. To do this, we plan to further advance our educational and artistic offerings by expanding our resources and venues.

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