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Support Economic Development in Northeast Indiana Through the Eagles Renovation Project

What is your first memory at Eagles? Was it a family movie or first date? Maybe a live play or school field trip? No matter how the theatre and building have touched your life, there are decades of memories left to be made. And now, you can be a part of making that happen.

Starting this summer, Eagles and The Honeywell Foundation are seeking public support to help fund the largest construction project to take place at the site since the building first opened its doors in 1906.

While public grants and several key private donors have already made a huge impact toward our goal, there are needs yet to be met. Mainly, this involves the funding needed to launch and maintain new educational opportunities for local students and community members.

Keep reading to learn more about the exciting future of Eagles Building and how you can be a part of our journey to help our community reach the Road to One Million.

An Opportunity to Revitalize, Preserve and Grow

How well do you know the Eagles building? A beloved Wabash mainstay, Eagles is much more than a theatre. There are three upper floors that were once a home (literally) to local residents, hosted elaborate events in the ballroom and welcomed traveling troupes of actors to the vaudeville stage.

But many of these areas have gone unused and unseen for decades. These floors, including multiple rooms and a grand ballroom, have fallen into disrepair over the years, limiting them (and our patrons) from reaching their full potential.

Architectural and interior design updates and entirely new educational and hospitality programs will allow the Eagles Renovation Project to revitalize a community center for the arts and entertainment. You see, the renovation goes far beyond the Theatre’s physical appearance..

Community Partners Gear Up for Success

Central to the Eagles Renovation Project is the inclusion of education opportunities for local students and adults. Through a partnership with Heartland Career Center, students will be able to earn dual college credit and certifications through a multimedia arts program. The upper floors of the building will be reimagined to include recording studios, classrooms, and video and sound editing rooms.

These additions will establish educational and cultural opportunities previously unavailable in our area, and bring countless benefits to the local community and greater Northeast Indiana region.

These benefits were recognized by generous grantors, including those affiliated with the Stellar Communities and Regional Cities Initiative Grants. The Stellar Communities Designation was awarded to Eagles Theatre in response to the community and economic development opportunities. The Regional Cities Initiative granted funds for Eagles Renovation Project, due to its support of the Road to One Million goal. These grants must be applied specifically to construction costs, but to launch and maintain the educational programming, additional funding is needed beyond designated construction costs.

To complement the funds earned so far, there’s more to be done to ensure community and educational programming can subsist for years to come.

Get Involved and Support Eagles Theatre!

Whether you frequent Eagles Theatre, have children who would benefit from educational enhancements, or could use the new hospitality space for a private event, one thing connects us all: community. In other words, a vested interest in the wellbeing and advancement of Wabash and Northeast Indiana.

The Eagles Building has provided so much to our community through the decades, and it’s time to give back. By getting involved as a donor to the Eagles Renovation Project, you guarantee your impact on the legacy of Eagles for generations to come.

Join the ranks of support by contributing. Every dollar, donor, and volunteer matters in our efforts to make this dream a reality.The community of Wabash and beyond will rally around this historical icon by donating to the renovation efforts, securing the necessary funding.

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