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Generations of Wabash Women Forge Permanent Connection with Eagles Theatre

For many citizens of Wabash, Eagles Theatre holds a special place in their hearts. Perhaps it’s because they have a cherished memory of seeing a show there, or because they’ve always known the stately Theatre as a cornerstone of their hometown. For Alyssa Lorch and her family, it’s because performance runs in their blood. Her grandmother and great aunts, Wabash residents, were Ringling Brothers Circus performers and were no strangers to the stage. So, the family found a way to forever memorialize their passion for performance–by permanently putting their name on Eagles Theatre.

A Rich History in Performing Arts

Alyssa’s grandmother, Augusta “Gussie” Boisson, her mother, step father, and sisters, Malvina “Mena” Ball and Emily “Millie” Drook were living in Muskegon, MI When Gussie fell ill as a child. Her doctor recommended acrobatics as a way to rebuild her strength.