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Indiana Vaudeville Theatre Gets a New Lease on Life

If you’ve ever driven across the state of Indiana, you may have passed through the small town of Wabash — home to a modest 10,666 residents. Any traveler who drives beyond its city limits without second thought is missing a hidden gem and untold story–one that is finally unfolding.​

Tucked away in this quiet town is a historic, 111-year-old vaudeville theatre that is undergoing renovations to intertwine old and new for a hub of arts and culture in rural America.​

The historic Eagles Theatre first opened its doors in 1906, as a beautiful, four-story vaudeville performance center and centerpiece of downtown Wabash. For a century, the building served as a community focal point for entertainment and the arts, and even served as residential property, before falling into disrepair. In an effort to preserve the historic landmark, The Honeywell Foundation acquired the theatre in 2010 and made improvements to make the main space usable again, saving the town’s only movie theatre.​