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"Together We" Campaign Kicks Off

There’s so much more to the Honeywell Foundation than our world-class entertainment.

In the past, our organization focused largely on promoting performances, but then our work GREW!

We seized exciting opportunities and took on more venues, more educational programs, more impactful work. Now there are so many diverse ways we are contributing to our community and region, and the challenge is telling all of those stories.

For one, did you know we are a nonprofit arts organization? Or that we operate 6 venues? We also offer a wide variety of educational programs and host many arts and cultural events each year. It's safe to say we have our hands full (all good things).

As a public charity, we rely on our supporters to help us do what we do. And when we say “supporters,” we mean the people who give time, money, and energy. They volunteer behind the scenes, attend our events, rally for arts education, and so much more! They are our roots, our cheerleaders, our movers and shakers - without them, our work would not be possible.

This month, we are launching a new campaign that tells our stories and encourages you to be part of something bigger. The “Together We” Campaign will:

1) Highlight all of the work we do 2) Recognize the impact and importance of our supporters 3) Encourage involvement

We will talk about how TOGETHER, we are making a difference in our community and region, and the huge impact you can make through your support of the Honeywell Foundation.

Be on the lookout – there are so many exciting stories and opportunities to share!