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Couple Engaged at Outdoor Concert

The 13-24 Drive In brought families, friends, and neighbors together this summer - a time when it was needed most. We’ve heard many wonderful stories and thought we’d share one that made us smile.

Jason Shook and Kimberly Adair of Sharpsville, Indiana attended a Lee Brice concert at 13-24 Drive In in August. Jason wanted to treat his girlfriend to a fun, outdoor event.

“He wanted to take me to the show because he hadn’t been to any concerts this year,” Kimberly said. “We had planned to go to several before COVID. And he knew it was something I’d really wanted to do.

“He surprised me the night before with the tickets.” But that wasn’t the only surprise Jason had up his sleeve.

“The atmosphere was intimate,” Jason said. “Lee [Brice] was on stage with his guitarist and pianist sitting on bar stools and it felt as if everyone was in someone’s backyard relaxing by a fire. The energy felt very connected.