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Meet Our Donors: Stock+Field

As a nonprofit arts organization, our work is made possible by the generosity of our donors. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all that they do, so as a small way of giving back, each quarter we highlight individuals, companies, and organizations making a difference in their community through their support of the Honeywell Foundation.

Today's Donor: Stock+Field (formerly known as Big R)

A premier farm, home, and outdoor retailer, Stock+Field was originally founded in 1964 as “Big R Stores” by Bill and Pat Crabtree. Their very first store was in Watseka, Illinois. Since then, they have grown to more than 25 stores serving communities across IL, IN, OH, MI, and WI (including Wabash). Their goal is to provide every rural lifestyle enthusiast with a one-stop destination to gather all the mission-critical products they need to pursue their work and hobbies.

What’s the Latest & Greatest?

Our team sat down with Stock+Field Wabash Store Manager Bryan Parish to get the scoop. The biggest news: their name change.

Bryan Parish, Stock+Field Wabash Store Manager

Stock+Field is in the process of a major rebranding project, as they are officially no longer “Big R” – a name change that went into effect last month. The renaming was initiated during a shift in ownership. Among several reasons, the new owner wanted to rebrand so that the stores could have their own entity.

In this rebranding, Stock+Field stores will be very similar to what they were before, but a few departments will be expanding. For example, they will carry more work-related clothing (for farmers, etc.) in addition to fashion clothing.

In related news, the company just celebrated grand openings in 2 new stores in Lansing, MI and Portage, WI. Both are large facilities, one a former Sam’s Club with 130,000 square feet. The new stores opened as “Stock+ Field,” while twenty-three other stores are currently rebranding.

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Why Give to the Honeywell Foundation?

“You walk into the Honeywell Center and it’s the biggest building I’ve ever seen that feels just like home. It’s comfortable to walk into. You guys support a lot of this community. The things that you bring in, whether it be a simple art show or displays or major concerts, I think it’s great that you bring the community together on such a regular basis.”

– Brian Parish, Wabash Store Manager

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