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New Box Suites Offer Unique Show Experience

For only a few months now, the Honeywell Foundation has been offering a new, distinctive way to enjoy Ford Theater concerts and shows.

Now, not only can hundreds of ticket-buyers be entertained from the Ford Theater’s main floor or balcony, but Box Suites are now available for rental to patrons during Ford Theater programming.

Located in what are called “box booms” in the entertainment industry, the suites, which are located on both sides of the theater facing the stage, provide an intimate, private viewing experience that allows a view that no one else has for a show.

Located above the wings of the Ford Theater stage area, lighting box booms are used during some shows to mount extra lights as needed. For those shows that don’t require the box booms to be used, the rooms are converted to suites and are available for up to six patrons to use to enjoy a show.

The suites have already been used for recent Ford Theater shows like Alice Cooper, Foreigner, Home Free and more.

“Guests have loved the experience and are saying it’s a neat, fun area for them to have a group together,” Guest Relations Team Leader Cody Lee said. “Guests are able to stand and dance and have a private area for them to experience the show.”

Not only do the suites allow for a private viewing area of a show, but private food and beverage services are also a part of the experience, along with a concierge who will guide a suite’s patrons to the area. Food options include everything from jumbo shrimp cocktail and bottomless popcorn to wraps and pizza, along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The suite experience also allows patrons to get a better sense and appreciation of how much work and the kind of resources that are needed to put on the top-tier entertainment that comes to Wabash on a regular basis at the Honeywell Center.

Pricing for the suites depends on ticket prices for each individual show. Stairs are required to access the suites, which are unavailable for Broadway productions.

For more information, visit To inquire about Box Suite availability, call 260-274-1424 or email Cody Lee at