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Recreational activities encourage a sense of community, belonging, and companionship. 

Senior Outreach Partners:



One of our very special programs is Senior Outreach, which brings live music and other entertainment into assisted-living facilities throughout the region.

These performances and activities create social engagement and inspire active interaction for older adults. Senior Outreach programs are offered to facilities at no charge.

Senior Outreach


Movies have been a cultural pastime for over 120 years. More than just sitting in front of a screen, a visit to the movie theater is a chance for family and friends to enjoy classic entertainment together, and often inspires excitement and enthusiastic dialogue both before and after the film.

The Honeywell Foundation is fortunate to operate two movie theaters: the historic Eagles Theatre and the 13-24 Drive In. The Eagles Theatre is temporarily closed for renovations and will reopen with two movie theaters in late 2019. The Drive In will re-open in spring 2018 and feature first-run movies and classic film showings.

Roller Skating


While roller skating hit its peak in the 50s, it remains a popular recreational activity even today. Skaters of all ages interact with, help, and encourage each other while improving motor skills, enjoying music, and of course, having a great time!

The Honeywell Center skating rink hosts free skating events during The Bashes and is also available for private rental.

Culinary Experiences


Honeywell Foundation special culinary events evoke all five senses while promoting social interaction. From gourmet and paired dining events at the Honeywell Center to outdoor hors d'oeuvres on the Honeywell House Terrace, a variety of delectable experiences are offered all year long.


Be sure to visit our venue websites to keep up to date on the latest culinary offerings.

Venue Tours


Our properties are full of rich history, art, and amazing architecture, including a 110-year-old theatre, 19th Century private home and a 120,000 square foot arts complex. Knowledgeable guides will give you a behind-the-scenes look at each of our six venues, with anecdotes and stories you've likely never heard.

Learn more about our venues

or call 260.274.1400 to book a tour.

Rentals & Catering


Offering all venues for public rental encourages guests to create their very own social or recreational event. Honeywell Foundation venues host hundreds of weddings, birthday parties, skating parties, and open houses.

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