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Art changes people, and

people change the world.

Exhibits & Displays


The Clark Gallery in the Honeywell Center hosts exhibits and receptions featuring internationally known artists, regional and local talent, and student artists.

In addition to regular exhibits in the Clark Gallery, nearly all of our venues feature permanent art displays, historical exhibits, and/or amazing architecture.

Competitions & Workshops


Area artists of all skill levels are invited to participate in art competitions and workshops throughout the year. 


Competitions include a special art contest featuring a different theme every year and a photography show.

Around the holidays, an exhibit is presented in the Clark Gallery featuring artwork and wares of local artists that are available for purchase.

Art for Kids


Several art exhibits, competitions, and camps are specially designed to inspire young artists. Students are taught new techniques and encouraged to tap into their own creativity. 


Accompanying art receptions give youngsters the opportunity to showcase their talent for friends and family, helping to build confidence and motivation.

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